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a. Perform our corporate activities with the maximum consideration of their impact on environment through manufacturing auto-related parts by forging, hot rolling, heat treatment and machining.

b. Continuously improve our environmental management system and environmental performance by having environmental audits, review meetings, etc. based on our plan, and prevent environmental pollution.

c. Preserve environment by preparing our own standards as required, as well as complying with 'Federal and Local Environmental Regulations," "Regulations of Industry's Group" and "Agreements with the Community" which are applicable to the environmental impact associated with our corporate activities.

d. Set environmental targets to work towards, and conduct periodic reviews of them.

e. Considering the technical and economical situations, reduce the impact of our corporate activities on environment and make efforts to work on the important themes below to realize recycle-oriented society.
・ Prevention of the environmental pollution.
・ Efficient use of the resource for natural resource conservation.
・ Reduction of the noise and vibration for surrounding resource conservation.
・ Promotion of the reduction of waste and exhaust and the recycling.

f.Promotion of energy - saving for natural resource conservation.

g. State our environmental policies in writing and release them externally when requested, as well as keeping all our employees and internal workers informed about them.

April 1st 2017
President: Masahiro Kotani

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