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1970 Masahiro Kotani founded Kotani Tankosho as a private company in Kasai City
1974 Incorporated and changed the company name to Kotani Co., Ltd.
1979 Plant No.2 was built at Shimo-miyaki-cho, Kasai City
1982 Sales amount exceeded 1 billion yen and production reached 800 thousand pieces per month
1983 Increased the capital to 12 million yen
Introduced 1,000 ton 5-station warm forging press machine (E line).
Started fully-automated production of bearings for FF type automobiles
1986 Introduced cool rolling machine for bearings
1989 Introduced 1,200 ton 5-station warm forging machine (H line)
1991 Increased the capital to 98 million yen and changed the company name from Kotani Tanko, Ltd. to Kotani Corporation
1993 Introduced hot rolling machine and 1,600 ton 5-station hot rolling forging machine (I Line)
1998 Increased the capital to 300 million yen. Introduction of power plant
1999 A new production method for hypoid gears (patent obtained)
2000 Obtained ISO 9002 certification (April)
Introduced 2,500 ton 5-station hot forging line (A Line) and orbital forging line
2001 Introduced 3,000 ton 5-station warm forging line (K line)
2002 Obtained QS9000 certification (October)
2003 Introduced 1,600 ton (D line)
2004 Introduced 1,600 ton (M line)
Obtained ISO 14001 certification
2005 Plant No.4 (machining) was built (April)
Introduced 2,500 ton 4-station hot forging line (R line)
Obtained ISO TS16949 certification
Increased the capital to 326 million and 400 thousand yen
2006 Kasai Minami Plant was built at Kasai Minami Industrial Complex (April)
Introduced 2,500 ton press machine (S-line)
Introduced 1,200 ton press machine (T-line)
Introduced 2,000 ton press machine (U-line)
2007Capital have been increased to 575.9 million yen
Introduced Hot Rolling machine (H/R-F line)
Kotani Poland started its operation.
2009Capital have been reduced to 300 million yen
2012No.5 plant constructed (Nov)
3500 ton (X-Line) installed
2013Opening branch of Tokai sales office at Anjo-city (Aichi-pref)
2014Overseas plant built in china, Kotani (Zhangjiagang) Co.Ltd established in Jan
2015Capital have been reduced to 100 million yen
2016Kotani Mexico, S.A. de C.V. established in Aug
2017No.6 plant constructed (Apr)
IATF16949 : 2016 certification obtained.

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